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Celestial notepad is an attempt to recreate the colors of a blue sky, in all its hues.

It consists of 144 plain pages, of four different tones, interleaved with each other, which produces a gradient from blue to white and reproduces the colours of a daytime sky.
The pages are perforated to be detached.

Printed in Portugal, November 2013.
Dimensions: 15,1 x 21,8 cm (6 x 8 ½ in)
Cover: printed in letterpress
Book block: 144 detachable pages in 4 different colours (dark blue, medium blue, light blue and white) arranged in degradé, stapled and glued to the head.
Limited edition: 366 copies, numbered on the paperband.


The Celestial Notepad is one of the products included in Crate Serrote.


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