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title plain notebook
Heidelberg machine printing the notebook cover.

This notebook was printed in two colors in letterpress in Portugal, in November 2013.

Dimensions: 11,5 x 17 cm
(4 ½ x 6 ¾ in)
Cover: white paper 240gr/m2
Bookblock: white paper
80gr/m2; 80 pages;
pattern printed in offset.
Limited edition: 2000 copies

Flip through the notebook.
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This is the twenty-ninth notebook of this Serrote collection.

For those who like to watch the movement of the stars and draw lines in the sky.
It is also advised for those suffering from insomnia.

Don't use the notebook to excess, remember Thales of Miletus episode.


The Starry Notebook is one of the products included in
Crate Serrote.


starry notebook cover
starry notebook letterpress stars starry sky