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crate blue and white

Crate Serrote was conceived and designed to be enjoyed outdoors under a blue sky or a starry sky.
Communication systems, cutting tools, office supplies, woodwinds, or distinctive badges of skilled handwashing clothes staff can be found in this survival kit to be used in the wild or in the concrete jungle.

Each box includes 10 products specially made for this project by Serrote or in collaboration with other Portuguese manufacturers.
The colors of blue and white soap determined the motif of the crate, since all the products follow these two colors.

Limited edition of 100 numbered crates.
All made in Portugal.

Pine box engraved, nailed, with lid.
Crate dimensions: 39,8 x 18 x 10 cm (aprox. 15¾ x 7 x 4 in.)
Closed box weight: 2.600 kg (aprox. 5.7 lbs.)

1. two pairs of semaphore flags > replay

For those who want to communicate over distance without tariffs or without wiretapping. The semaphore flags is a system of visual communication distance, where each party uses two hand-held flags to exchange messages. Letters and numbers are encoded by different flag positions.

Four twill polyester flags sewn.
Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm (aprox. 8¼ x 8¼ in.) flag (lateral hem excluded); flag stick pine with 37cm (aprox. 14½ in.)

  2. semaphore alphabets : send and receive  

Essential complement to the semaphore flags is a cheat sheet with the code to send and receive messages. This semaphore alphabet includes letters, numbers, and rest/space, attention/error and cancel/anul signs. One card has the visual signals with hand-held flags code to send messages, the other to receive them.

Two cards printed in letterpress on 350g cardboard with rounded edges.
Dimensions: 22 x 15,5 cm (aprox. 8¾ x 6 in.)

  3. sailor's fish-pocketknife  

Sailor's fish-pocketknife, indispensable for those who venture on land or at sea, was designed especially for this crate.
It has round tip blade, blue handle embossed in white on both sides with the figure of a fish.

Size when closed: 11 cm (aprox 4¼ in.)
Blade length: 8,5 cm (aprox 3¼ in.)

  4. pair of bicolour socks  

Each thing in its place, each foot in its shoe, each sock in its foot. Each pair consists of a blue and a white sock. A little help to distinguish left from right, port from starboard.

Size: EU 39-45; UK 5-11; US 6-12½.
Composition: 80% cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% elastane.
Label printed in letterpress.

  5. two embroidered badges  

To apply on clothes and accessories, the crate comes with two round badges embroidered with polyester thread. One is embroidered with a cement laundry tub and with our most appreciated soap, the other with Ursa Minor constellation.

Dimensions: 5,7 cm (aprox. 2¼ in.) diameter.
Packaging printed in letterpress.

  6. cotton yarn  

A cotton yarn should always be on hand to tie packages, play Cat's Cradle and make macramé.
This coil consists of 250g (aprox. ½ lbs.) of cotton yarn blue / white.

Dimensions: 7,5 cm (aprox. 3 in.) diameter, 10,8 cm (aprox. 4¼ in.) height.
Paperband printed in letterpress.

  7. whistle with baker’s twine  

To draw attention, ask for help, referee a match, play a samba or stop the traffic. The bicolour whistle comes with a ball inside to produce the "vibrato" sound, and blue and white twine to worn around the neck.

Plastic whistle.
Dimensions: 5,8 x 2,5 x 2 cm (aprox. 2¼ x 1 x ¾ in.)

  8. celestial notepad  

To take notes, make lists, or simply detach the perforated pages, the crate contains a thick notepad.
It consists of 144 detachable pages, of four different colours, from white to blue arranged in a gradient that reminds the colours of the sky.
Cover and paperband printed in letterpress.

Dimensions: 15,1 x 21,8 x 2,4 cm (aprox. 6 x 8½ x 1 in.)
Numbered paperbands according to the numbered crate (001-100).

  9. starry notebook  

For those who like to watch the movement of the stars and draw lines in the sky, the crate also features the twenty-ninth serrote's notebook.
The cover is printed in letterpress with Ursa Minor constellation and Polaris star. On the inside is printed a detail of the celestial sphere of the northern hemisphere. To discover the existing constellations or invent new ones.

Dimensions: 11,5 x 17 cm (aprox. 4½ x 6¾ in.), with 80 pages.
Numbered notebooks according to the numbered crate (1001-1100).

  10. soap notebook  

Created for those who like to handwash clothes and dry them in the breeze and sunny weather, soap notebook is the genesis of Serrote's crate.
With 32 pages printed with patterns taken from the blue and white soap.
Cover printed in letterpress.

Dimensions: 14,2 x 22 cm (aprox. 5½ x 8¾ in.), with 32 pages.
Numbered notebooks according to the numbered crate (001-100).

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