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 tokyo nokogiri

Tokyo and the Japanese culture compiled in a 9 chapter book printed in 8 colours in different papers.

The book is Japanese-style made, being read from right to left. Has a dust jacket and a obi.

  • List of 2136 Joyo Kanji
  • Illustrated Japanese expressions
  • Warning sign calligraphy and Haiku
  • Photography and Watercolor
  • Manga, Cinema, Drawings and Letterpress
  • Printing (Mascotes, Characters, Food, Uniforms, etc.)
  • How to do ( Judo, Sumo, Furoshiki, Origami, etc.)
  • Indigo, yenes, notebooks, souvenirs, etc.
  • Index and translations to Japanese,
  • English and Portuguese

Title: Tokyo Nokogiri
Author: Nuno Neves
ISBN: 978-989-99614-4-9
Trilingual: Japanese, English, Portuguese
1st edition: May 2019

Printed in offset with 8 colors in 7 different papers
Dimensions: 16,7 x 20,8 cm (6½ x 8¼ in)
144 pages

Flip through the book
Cover - Tokyo Nokogiri Kanji - Tokyo Nokogiri
Illustrated Japanese expressions - Tokyo Nokogiri
Printing (Mascotes, Characters, Food - Tokyo Nokogiri Warning sign calligraphy and Haiku - Tokyo Nokogiri
Manga - Tokyo Nokogiri
Photography - Tokyo Nokogiri How to - Tokyo Nokogiri
Indigo - Tokyo Nokogiri
Watercolor - Tokyo Nokogiri Index and translations - Tokyo Nokogiri where to buy